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OEM Services for Managing Equipment Return Streams

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) encounter a number of concerns when selecting a recycling company to manage their surplus equipment streams and properly dispose of their assets. Use of an unethical e-recycler can result in various legal and environmental problems, and the electronic equipment may end up in domestic or foreign landfills, damaging the OEM’s business image.

TBS Industries is a leader in responsible OEM surplus and return stream recycling and will customize a disposal solution for your business. We have effectively helped many OEMs recycle with integrity, optimize material recovery, maximize recovery value, and avoid environmental liability.

Surplus Material Management

TBS offers complete recycling services for OEMs in the consumer, industrial and medical electronics industries. We can accommodate a wide variety of OEM surplus material streams, including:

  • Customer returns
  • Channel returns
  • Warranty returns
  • Product excess
  • End-of-lease equipment
  • Equipment trade-ins
  • Service swaps and phase-outs
  • Equipment loans and “try-and-buys”
  • Products used for demo or exhibition
  • Obsolete equipment upgrades
  • Manufacturing waste by-products and defects

Maximize the Value of Your Surplus Streams

Responsible e-recycling starts with attempting to reuse equipment before recycling it. To assist your company in extracting the maximum value from your surplus equipment streams, TBS offers the following services:

  • Parts recovery - According to your instructions, brand standard parts can be removed and sent for remanufacturing to eliminate the need for buying expensive broker parts.
  • Sale of working equipment – Equipment that tests as operational can be identified for resale, and this provides the greatest value.
  • Component recovery – If equipment is old and unusable, TBS can recover parts, test them to be sure they are working, and deliver them for resale.

Material Recycling

The reuse options listed above will provide the greatest environmental benefits, however, if none of these other solutions are possible, TBS can also securely recycle all valueless surplus equipment to extract the commodity materials, such as precious metals, other metals, plastics and glass.

By virtue of our recycling volume, TBS Industries and its recycling partners can realize high returns for customers for these commodity materials. And, using recycled materials in the manufacturing process reduces the environmental hazards of mining virgin raw materials.

TBS has stringent procedures in place to ensure that all OEM surplus equipment is disposed of properly in compliance with regulatory requirements and that no surplus equipment will be illegally exported, end up in landfills or wind up back in the marketplace.

TBS Industries’ Solutions

It’s critical to choose a leader in e-recycling for your business needs. Contact TBS Industries today to expertly manage your surplus and return stream disposal. TBS offers a full range of certified solutions to securely dispose of your electronic assets, optimize their material recovery value, and mitigate the environmental impact.


Some of Our Clients

Our Process


Secure Logistics

Our strict process for collecting and transporting assets mitigates risks while maintaining a secure chain of custody


Secure Receiving and Tracking

Our state of the art software allows quick secure receiving while keeping the client updates throughout each stage



Removal of tags, logos, brands and serial numbers will reduce customer liability


Comprehensive Reporting

Industry leading reporting allows for full tracking of your assets in every stage of the Itad process along with asset valuations and revenue sharing reporting.



TBS’ multichannel remarketing strategy maximizes the recovery value of your assets through local, retail, broker and wholesale markets


Data Destruction

Strict adherence to NIST 800-88 standards ensures that any data bearing devices are sanitized correctly. Any drives that fail DOD sanitization will be shredded to prevent risk.