ITAD Recovery Solutions

TBS is a global leader in ITAD services that provide their clients with end to end solutions along with maximizing value recovery

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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Solutions

A proper strategy for IT asset disposition or disposal (a.k.a. ITAD) is critical for your business today. Accountability, security, and environmental responsibility have never had greater importance as too much mismanaged end-of-life hardware sits unaccounted for in landfills and is being illegally exported overseas.

Concerns about the environment and data privacy and security are growing fast, but your company may also be losing out on the cost savings and financial returns that could be gained from the implementation of a proper IT asset disposal program.

TBS Industries’ ITAD Services

TBS Industries is an industry leader in helping clients develop a cost-effective ITAD strategy that goes beyond the basic disposal and recycling of retired assets. Our IT asset disposal solutions will reduce your operational risks, maximize the value of your retired assets, and help you meet the highest security and environmental standards.

While you concentrate on your day-to-day business, TBS Industries can provide:

  • Evaluation of your business assets to maximize your ROI
  • Inventory and removal of obsolete equipment
  • Analysis of the reuse, reselling or donation potential
  • Secure onsite or offsite hard drive shredding with video evidence
  • Secure onsite or offsite data sanitizing and destruction
  • Removal of tags, logos, brands and serial numbers
  • Recycling of e-waste in compliance with regulatory standards
  • Certificate of Destruction to certify responsible recycling
  • Chain of custody documentation
  • Fully auditable reporting on the final disposition of assets

Regulatory Compliance

TBS Industries complies with all NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and DoD (Department of Defense) standards that govern the safety and security of data destruction, as well as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) e-waste recycling guidelines and many other regional, state and federal regulations. Our strict adherence to these regulations and our rigorous “no landfill” policy provide assurance to our clients that their data and IT assets are safe and secure at all times and disposed of responsibly.

Develop an ITAD Strategy Today

A proactive IT asset disposal strategy can protect your company’s data privacy and eco-friendly reputation. TBS can customize and execute a program that will meet the precise business needs of companies of all sizes and in all industries. Our services help you recover value from each one of your IT assets before you retire them from service, and many clients have found that the revenues they gain from our ITAD services offset the expense of new IT purchases. Contact TBS Industries now to take advantage of our efficient and cost-effective IT asset disposition services.

Our Process


Secure Logistics

Our strict process for collecting and transporting assets mitigates risks while maintaining a secure chain of custody


Secure Receiving and Tracking

Our state of the art software allows quick secure receiving while keeping the client updates throughout each stage



Removal of tags, logos, brands and serial numbers will reduce customer liability


Comprehensive Reporting

Industry leading reporting allows for full tracking of your assets in every stage of the Itad process along with asset valuations and revenue sharing reporting.



TBS’ multichannel remarketing strategy maximizes the recovery value of your assets through local, retail, broker and wholesale markets


Data Destruction

Strict adherence to NIST 800-88 standards ensures that any data bearing devices are sanitized correctly. Any drives that fail DOD sanitization will be shredded to prevent risk.

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