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What is a CRT Monitor?

A CRT Monitor is a computer monitor based around a device called a Cathode Ray Tube. The size and shape of the tube has determined the dimensions of computer monitors for many years, and has recently been upstaged by LCD monitors. Many people and companies are still using existing CRT monitors until they need to be replaced or upgraded.

What’s in a Monitor?

CRT Monitors include several extremely hazardous materials encased within the Cathode Ray Tube. This glass tube contains a large quantity of lead, and coatings of phosphorous, cadmium, and mercury, in addition to several other heavy metals and toxins. The interior surface of the glass case is also coated with lead, which becomes airborne lead dust when the CRT is cracked, and all of the materials will leach into soil after breakage. This is the reason that municipal landfills do not accept CRT’s, since they are a danger to the workers involved in their breakdown and collection.

What Can You Do With Unwanted CRT Monitors?

TBS provides a safe and secure outlet for CRT monitors, which will assure safe and responsible handling and disposal. TBS has trained personnel and proper facilities to carefully handle any quantity of CRT monitors in an environmentally safe and cost effective manner. Please contact us for a quote today!

Some of Our Clients

Our Process


Secure Logistics

Our strict process for collecting and transporting assets mitigates risks while maintaining a secure chain of custody


Secure Receiving and Tracking

Our state of the art software allows quick secure receiving while keeping the client updates throughout each stage



Removal of tags, logos, brands and serial numbers will reduce customer liability


Comprehensive Reporting

Industry leading reporting allows for full tracking of your assets in every stage of the Itad process along with asset valuations and revenue sharing reporting.



TBS’ multichannel remarketing strategy maximizes the recovery value of your assets through local, retail, broker and wholesale markets


Data Destruction

Strict adherence to NIST 800-88 standards ensures that any data bearing devices are sanitized correctly. Any drives that fail DOD sanitization will be shredded to prevent risk.