TBS is a global leader in ITAD services that provide their clients with end to end solutions along with maximizing value recovery

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Why Recycle Your Computers With TBS?

TBS Industries is an industry leader in computer recycling services. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to fulfill the needs of our clients, regardless of the scale of their business. Computer recycling is a very broad term that describes a collection of related services provided by TBS. Our services begin with the collection of materials, either by pickup, eWaste box, or customer delivery. We immediately inventory the incoming materials, separating scrap from working or salvageable units, which are then moved into our processing stream.

The De-manufacturing Process

Scrap computers are completely dismantled in our de-manufacturing process, which starts out by salvaging the useable components, and then separating the remainder into commodity streams, such as scrap steel, plastic, copper wire, etc. The separated material is then further refined to supply the needs of industry for new manufacturing. Working units are remarketed through a variety of channels, assuring the maximum return possible for our clients.

Complete Data Security

During the process of computer recycling, many computers will be processed which still include sensitive data on their hard disk drives. Based on our contracts, TBS will crush, shred, or fully data-wipe the hard drives, to the standards used by the US Department of Defense. This process includes a full “7-times” data wipe and overwrite, eliminating the possibility of data recovery.

Certificate of Destruction or Disposal

TBS will issue a Certificate of Destruction for any equipment that is crushed or shredded, or a Certificate of Disposal for equipment that is slated for remarketing. This allows our clients to demonstrate a complete change of ownership, and will provide them with all the legal assurances that they have transferred title to the equipment. This certificate will help prevent future liabilities on equipment that is handled through TBS Industries.

We Buy Scrap Material

TBS also provides an outlet for companies that are generators of scrap metals. Due to our vertically situated company, we are able to offer the highest prices in the industry on all classifications of scrap material. TBS will also provide third-party representation for companies that prefer to have their material shredded or refined, or we will purchase bulk material outright if you would prefer.

Please contact us for your computer recycling needs, TBS will provide a custom plan for your company.

Our Process


Secure Logistics

Our strict process for collecting and transporting assets mitigates risks while maintaining a secure chain of custody


Secure Receiving and Tracking

Our state of the art software allows quick secure receiving while keeping the client updates throughout each stage



Removal of tags, logos, brands and serial numbers will reduce customer liability


Comprehensive Reporting

Industry leading reporting allows for full tracking of your assets in every stage of the Itad process along with asset valuations and revenue sharing reporting.



TBS’ multichannel remarketing strategy maximizes the recovery value of your assets through local, retail, broker and wholesale markets


Data Destruction

Strict adherence to NIST 800-88 standards ensures that any data bearing devices are sanitized correctly. Any drives that fail DOD sanitization will be shredded to prevent risk.

Some of Our Clients