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The New York Times reported that a woman in Nevada purchased a used PC for $159, only to discover that it held more than 2,000 patient records from a pharmacy in Arizona. Included in these records were names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and a telling list of medications pointing to conditions such as AIDS, alcoholism, and depression.


HIPAA Compliance

From financial information to highly confidential health records, data security is rapidly becoming a critical issue for the healthcare industry. TBS Industries works with hospitals and healthcare industry leaders to help them protect sensitive data and comply with HIPAA laws that ensure the privacy and security of their patients’ health information.

As a healthcare industry professional, HIPAA requires you to have administrative, physical and technical measures in place to safeguard patient data. The improper disclosure of confidential health information can have devastating consequences for your business, including legal liabilities, negative publicity, loss of customers and business partners, and severe financial, civil and criminal penalties.

Data Security Solutions

TBS can help your organization comply with strict HIPAA requirements. Our solution to your data security needs is a thorough removal of data, and is based on the stringent Department of Defense (DOD) “7-times overwrite” standard. When this process is followed correctly, information on a hard drive is irretrievable, allowing old systems to be recycled, resold, or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Hard Drive Shredding Services

TBS’ expert hard drive shredding services will eliminate your risk of potentially disclosing confidential patient data when you dispose of obsolete IT equipment. All types of data-bearing hard drives, tapes (e.g., reel to reel, backups), and/or recordable media, such as DVDs can be physically destroyed using our on- or off-site shredding services. This is the only method of disposal that guarantees that your patients’ health data cannot be recovered. Your business can be 100% certain that your confidential patient data has been completely erased and that your hard drives are unreadable, cleansed or completely destroyed.

Computer Disposal and Recycling

Take advantage of TBS’ computer disposal services to get rid of scrap computers and electronic equipment safely and securely. We de-manufacture the equipment to salvage useable components and sort the remaining plastic and metal components into recycling classifications. The separated materials are refined to supply manufacturers of new equipment. We can also remarket working units through a variety of channels to help our customers achieve financial returns.

Medical Equipment Disposal

TBS is highly experienced in responsibly handling the safe and secure recycling of healthcare related equipment, including MRI, X-ray, scanning equipment, defibrillators, and monitoring equipment. We can also provide secure and safe disposal of X-Ray film. Eliminate unnecessary storage costs by securely decommissioning and liquidating your obsolete or idle medical equipment. Please contact us with your disposal needs.

Certificates of Destruction or Disposal

TBS will issue your company a Certificate of Destruction for any equipment that we crush or shred, or a Certificate of Disposal for equipment that is slated for remarketing or liquidation. These HIPAA-compliant documents eliminate security issues by documenting that electronic and/or medical equipment has been responsibly disposed of or destroyed.


Secure data and equipment destruction and disposal must be part of every HIPAA compliance program. TBS Industries is a leader in data security and destruction and electronic waste management. Let us help your organization comply with the standards and prevent future liability or penalties.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Child Online Protection Act (COPA)
Patriot Act
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
Federal Privacy Law
Privacy Laws by State
Gramm Leach Bliley
Sarbanes Oxley


Our Process


Secure Logistics

Our strict process for collecting and transporting assets mitigates risks while maintaining a secure chain of custody


Secure Receiving and Tracking

Our state of the art software allows quick secure receiving while keeping the client updates throughout each stage



Removal of tags, logos, brands and serial numbers will reduce customer liability


Comprehensive Reporting

Industry leading reporting allows for full tracking of your assets in every stage of the Itad process along with asset valuations and revenue sharing reporting.



TBS’ multichannel remarketing strategy maximizes the recovery value of your assets through local, retail, broker and wholesale markets


Data Destruction

Strict adherence to NIST 800-88 standards ensures that any data bearing devices are sanitized correctly. Any drives that fail DOD sanitization will be shredded to prevent risk.

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